Ecomuve is a first and third person multiplayer exploration game built in Unity for the Harvard University School of Education. In it, players gather evidence, data, and photographs over several weeks as they explore a diverse ecosystem to solve the mystery of what is killing off the local wildlife.

Ecomuve was built by HFN for the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Players navigate a large environment that features a farm, several ponds, a golf course, local neighborhoods, forests, and more. In each location, the player can interview local people and take samples from the water, air, and ground. They can locate and photograph wildlife such as herons, bass, minnows, squirrels, foxes, and more as they piece together evidence over several weeks. The data they collect can be assembled in their notebook and shared with fellow players as they all attempt to create a final concept of what happened to this ecosystem.

This game is built for computers using a keyboard and mouse to navigate around the complex environment. It was built in Unity and receives regular updates, including new work in 2017 and more coming in 2018!